Monday, August 1, 2011

random purchases.

Officially on a shopping ban, sigh. Guilt after a day of shopping: isn't it just the worst feeling? These are just a couple of the things I bought, either because I couldn't resist, or because as soon as I saw the piece, life would all of a sudden be incomplete if I didn't have it in my wardrobe. What's the use of having a wishlist when I'm an impulsive buyer? Le sigh. My wishlist extends to about 2 A4 pages long whereas my 'random junk I bought' list would be enough to fill one of my A3 art folders. No, really. If only I could resist, maybe all those things on my wishlist would belong to me. Oh, if only *cue melodramatic music*. Life would be so perfect. Just for a moment, though, until I find something else to add to the list. Gah, can anyone say material girl?
I've wanted patent oxfords for forever now, and at AU$18, not too bad right?
The sister persuaded me to get grey oxfords because.."you have too many brown/tan pairs of shoes!" and as soon as the order was put through, I regretted it. I'm just not a grey oxfords kinda person...but..when these babies arrived, I saw that they were the perfect mix of a somewhat rusted/faded grey brown and not the grey I was imagining. Alas, I fell in love. Oh Steve Madden, you always know how to please a girl.
I'm so late on this moustache trend but this ring was so cute! $3, couldn't resist!
My armour ring obsession. This trend is definitely overdone but these rings are too cute to pass up.
Still loving snakes!
Patent oxfords from Miss Me via; wingtip oxfords from Steve Madden also via; moustache ring, armour ring, snake ring, 'key' ring, all from Diva; pillows (because a girl can never have enough pillows..?)
I bought a bunch of other stuff, i.e clothes but I can't photograph them well, so they'll feature in my blog posts later on.


  1. that ruffle pillow is absolutely gorgeous, i want it! :)

  2. Like the rings, especially the mustache one!:)


  3. The grey oxfords look lovely! The ruffle pillow aswell is so cute, where did you find them?


  4. wow, i really like the simplicity of these photos!


  5. I love everythings in these pics!!! really nice shoes and rings!!

    if you want we can follow each othrs!

  6. adorable shoes in nude!ur rings are amazing,especially the key ring :)

  7. Hola.

    Me encanta tu blog, es precioso.
    Los anillos son espectaculares.
    Te sigo desde ya!
    Me sigues?

    Muuaks :)