Tuesday, May 10, 2011

black&grey with checkers.

I never fail at awkward poses. ^
Blouse: Kenji
Jeans: Grab Denim
Booties: Review
Bag: Live
Snake cuff: Diva

Was there ever a half-tucked-in-shirt trend, or was I just influenced by the bajillion times teachers seem to yell at the male students to 'tuck yourself in!'? I guess that's what you get from going to a preppy school where the uniform code for girls is knee high socks and thick mid-calf length skirts in a colour combination that can flatter no one, not to mention you are constantly reminded to fix yourself up. This is the result, you see. An act of rebellion in the form of a half tucked in shirt. Ok; did I just talk about tucking in shirts for a whole paragraph? Really. I'm too tired to care. It's 2am where I am. This was an outfit I wore a couple days ago. It's nothing special but I had some time for photos.
Ok goodnight/morning/afternoon wherever you may be! I need some shut-eye.
much much love,

Photos may be a little blah, because I think I oversharpened them..


  1. You are very pretty! That's a lovely purse!


  2. You look adorable!
    I love the jeans, anything with zips at the ankles makes me fall in loooove!


  3. I like the half tucked in shirt! And also the shoes, they look really cool with those socks!

  4. I love your style and this look is awesome x