Thursday, April 28, 2011

polkadots, bows and dodgy DIY.

Blouse: Sister's/ not sure, sorry!
High-waisted shorts: mum's old jeans, DIY
Bow: Diva? or Sportsgirl
Lace-up boots: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Vintage RazzaMatazz

It's so cool that I found these polka-dot tights at the thrift store (still in it's original RazzaMatazz packaging; unopened and unused of course!) I was volunteering at as part of my school's Community Service program, and they are actually in style! Been wearing them wayyy too much, though. My mum gave me these high-waisted pants of hers to upcycle, and this was the result. It's from the 80's - legitimately vintage, minus the whole troublesome act of sifting and sorting through musty-smelling clothes at the salvo's, and washing them at least twice to make sure they're clean enough to wear. Or is that just what I feel and do with thrifted clothes?
Oh and DIY story of my life, I cut these shorts way too.. short. Oh well, I've wanted shorts in this nice vintage blue for so long now, so I won't stop wearing them!
By the way, some boys just don't understand the high-waist look, my boyfriend and sister's boyfriend included, haha!


  1. Thank you, Lil, for your wonderful words!

    I like your outfit so much!!! I like high-waist look!

    I am already following you!


  2. I love your top, I love how its like you have wings! I love the cute bow and where you're wearing it.

  3. so cute! love those tights!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog! yours is lovely and i'm now following :)


  4. You look wonderful in this outfit! I'm loving those tights.

    My boyfriend uses my Canon 5D Mark II for most of my photos. Sometimes, he uses his Canon 5D. We use a 100mm lens.

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Really like your blouse and the bow
    on your shorts. Gives it an extra touch:)


  6. cute outfit! love your flowy top and ankle boots. xx

  7. Highwaisted! My favorite. They fit you perfectly, and I love the white tights with them.

    your newest follower ^.^

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  8. I love your style! It's so cute!

    I've awarded you with the "Stylish bloggeraward" on by blog!

  9. i really like your outfit it's really pretty !