Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas/end of '10/start of '11 wishlist.

Hello my dears!
guesswhatguesswhatguesswhatguesswhatguesswhat! My favourite time of the year is here: Christmas oh how I've missed you! *tear*  It's the season of both giving and receiving, celebrating the birth of Christ and having just general good times with the family, and I'm fairly sure I've caught Christmas fever, too. It's like there's a bee buzzing crazily in my insides, a bee high on the sight of green and red in every store in every mall, the glitter and garland and about a million cheery white-bearded big bellied santas sitting on thrones. It makes me want to squeal in delight at the festivities and immerse myself in as much confetti, glitter and tinsel as my body can have wrapped around, hug every santa I see, eat too much candy and spend all my savings on gifts for friends and family. Oh and let us never forget the less fortunate.
Ok so that was a lengthy intro which has nothing to do with this post, which is about.. my christmas - beginning of '11 wishlist!
I have a million things I want. Ahh yes, I am a typical human being, never satisfied with what she has, always yearning for yet another gorgeous piece of clothing/jewellery/accessory/book/pair of shoes/anything etc that is unlucky enough to catch her eye. Anyway, let us begin. By the way, these are things I really want and feel like I cannot complete life without, not just things I like. That list would go on forever.
In no particular order:
1. A pair of wedged strappy sandals, a la Tony Bianco's Loretto, or similar. Preferably a pair in ivory/natural wash, since I own way too many black heels, and NO (can you believe it!?) white/natural wash pairs.
'Loretto', image courtesy of

2. Hats. A floppy black one, and a faux fur trapper/headband puhhh-lease?

Asos 70's Floppy Felt Hat, courtesy of

3. Heeled lace-up boots, preferably with wool lining for extra comfort and warmth, even though it's summer where I am and all I seem to be sporting are flipflops, gladiators and my favourite black wedged sandals. Or lace-up booties with an open toe!
'Serrin', image courtesy of
 If you can't find a pair, and let's face it, shopping here is horrible, black doc martens are the way to go :D:D:D
OR, 'man tailored' (says the description) booties like this:
'Grammy', image courtesy of
They're gorgeous in an ugly kind of way, in my opinion.

4. Snake cuff and armour rings. I have an obsession with armour rings. And animal rings.

 First two images courtesy of, third image -

5. Peter Alexander slippers. Funny Bunny/Penny Dog. I went to buy them online the other day, but they're sold out! And in stores too. Mannnnn I hope they're back in stock soon! Also can't seem to find a photo.

6. Ray Ban aviators in gold, yesplease. I'm old school, I like old school things. Dr Martens, aviators, that gold Casio watch. I want them all!
 Image courtesy of... Google images, I believe. Sorry, I saved these in my folder when I was young and full of naivite.. nah. It was the beginning of this year when I hadn't started my blog, and I've since forgotten where I took them from!

Okalydokaly, that's all from my wishlist. Of course I wont be getting all of these presents, but just a few would be nice!
So tell me lovelies, what's on your wishlist?

Friday, December 3, 2010

a pretty bow on my cardi.


Hello lovelies!
You know what? Since creating this blog, I've realised I basically don't wear an outfit without a bit of the colour black in it. Even in summer! I'm working on it though, especially because my wardrobe consists of only neutral colours, black/grey/white and navy and creams, with the addition of pink from time to time. I'm working on incorporating more bold stand-out
colours for this season, maybe red. This outfit is very typical of me; tights and socks are my current favourite look.
Jumpsuit: Live
Cardigan: Valleygirl
Bow clip (on cardigan): Sportsgirl
Socks: Sox
Heels: Zoe Wittner

Most of this post is prewritten as I so cleverly predicted that I wouldn't have much Internet access. I'm actually recovering from a loooooong night out at darling harbour, currently lying on my uncle's couch at 7 in the morning. Oh, and typing on this iPad is super difficult especially for the least techno-savvy person to everbtouch an iPad! Sydney's been hectic, so much busier and more populous than where I reside, and the shopping is so. Much. Better.
I've gotta get up now, it's a long day ahead, I'm visiting two shopping centers then lunch, then late night at the harbour!
A big hello to my newest followers, and Dylana if you're reading, I can't believe you're following me! You're so stylish!
Love you all!