Sunday, November 21, 2010

sister's grad!

Hello my lovelies,
and a warm welcome to my newest followers, you know who you are!
Last night was my sister's graduation, and a facebook update by her not long after the night ended, reading, 'GRADUATED. WOOOOOOOO!', which received well over the usual amount of likes, just goes to show how relieved everyone was! Gosh the girls looked pretty, and the guys, they scraped up pretty damn well too.
I had basically no one I knew well; it's not often that siblings are only one school year apart; but ah thankfully, the bestie was there, phew.
Now onto some photos :)
the bestie
two gorgeous girls: sister's best friend, and sister (the one who unwillingly takes my outfit photos!)
my oldest sister and I

balloons, baby!
^Taking photos in the bathroom, chyeah, that's how we roll. The most attractive face I've ever thought to pull: the wink.

Some other snaps I took of well dressed seniors.

That just about wraps it up; pardon-moi for the photo spam. It's just past 1 in the morning where I am, and I feel as tired as Oreo must be after her afternoon frolick or, more precisely, vigorous hole-digging, pigeon-chasing, sun-baking in the backyard. That's a hell of a lot of exhuastion. Goodnight/morning/afternoon/evening to you, wherever you may be :)
Piles of love and laughter,


  1. Congrats to your sister, and thanks for sharing these fun and memorable pictures :)


  2. wow!nice party, all of you look great!

  3. cute pics! love all the dresses~ :)

  4. congratz to your sister! u guys look so pretty!

  5. Wow I don't believe you were allowed at your sister's graduation, and congratulations to her! I hope her future is filled with amazing rainbows and opportunities!

  6. vous êtes vraiment très jolies.....