Monday, November 29, 2010

zebra stripes.

Hello my dears!
I'm back with another outfit post! This jacket is totally lustworthy and so comfy to boot; pairing it with socks and heels, ripped cut-offs and blood-red nail polish, however, led to my sister questioning if I was confused about the weather or just an appropriate place to wear a semi-formal grunge/high class stripy zebra outfit. I laughed. I still like it.Photobucket

Jacket: Overseas
Singlet: Witchery
Cut-offs: Bardot
Knee-high socks (not worn knee-high because I find it uncomfy, haha): Sox (stall in shopping centre)
Booties: Review (over-wearing these, but they are the comfiest heels ever.)
Ring: Diva

In other news, I'm going to Sydney tomorrow! YAYYYYY. It's gonna be just like a roadtrip with the sisters, except none of us can drive and we're going by plane, and we'll be staying with some family, so really it's not like a roadtrip, but it's gonna be so exciting. I'm not making much sense today, and it's probably 'cause I'm in staying-up-late-hence-sleep-deprived holiday mode right now. This happens, everytime. And I always, always say I'll sleep well and be all healthy and get fit and shiz, but um.. it just doesn't work out. But anyway, I'll be absent for around two weeks, so stay safe and happy holidays, y'all! Thanks for following me my dears!

Oh, by the way, I am sooo bad at editing photos; I always end up lightening it too much, so no editing from now on. Also, it's because I'm lazy, hahaha.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Hello everyone! This is a super quick post (they always seem to be!) of a super simple outfit I tend to sport in the winter. It's meant to be spring where I am right now, but recently there have been some chilly days. Why does winter always come back to haunt me? Just get out of my life. This is just something I'd wear on a day to day basis, because oversized jumpers and thick knit scarves are just too cool for school. It's not the most interesting of outfits but I've been so unmotivated to wear anything but.

Jumper: Bonds
Scarf: Live
Suede boots: Rubi

Just so you are all updated with my extremely interesting life thus far, I FINISHED YEAR 11!
Excitements and smiles all 'round, lovelies ! I'm meant to still have seminars and an end of year 11 lunch, but I'm ditching that in favour of a much needed vacation, just interstate. It's nothing special but I'm excited nonetheless. I must be off to finish the latest episodes of Gossip Girl. I've missed so much thanks to exams but the intense Blair&Chuck dynamic; that's what I live for. They really need to just get married and live happily ever after in a massive castle decked with pretty vintage pieces and designer brands. Love them.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

sister's grad!

Hello my lovelies,
and a warm welcome to my newest followers, you know who you are!
Last night was my sister's graduation, and a facebook update by her not long after the night ended, reading, 'GRADUATED. WOOOOOOOO!', which received well over the usual amount of likes, just goes to show how relieved everyone was! Gosh the girls looked pretty, and the guys, they scraped up pretty damn well too.
I had basically no one I knew well; it's not often that siblings are only one school year apart; but ah thankfully, the bestie was there, phew.
Now onto some photos :)
the bestie
two gorgeous girls: sister's best friend, and sister (the one who unwillingly takes my outfit photos!)
my oldest sister and I

balloons, baby!
^Taking photos in the bathroom, chyeah, that's how we roll. The most attractive face I've ever thought to pull: the wink.

Some other snaps I took of well dressed seniors.

That just about wraps it up; pardon-moi for the photo spam. It's just past 1 in the morning where I am, and I feel as tired as Oreo must be after her afternoon frolick or, more precisely, vigorous hole-digging, pigeon-chasing, sun-baking in the backyard. That's a hell of a lot of exhuastion. Goodnight/morning/afternoon/evening to you, wherever you may be :)
Piles of love and laughter,

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hey lovelies!
Quick outfit post today 'cause I've gotta run to do some chemistry. UGH.
This week's been hectic, and I'm super busy, but I thought I'd update for all you readers!
A big hello to those who've joined my blog just recently, Thanks a bunch! ;)
Almost reaching 50 followers; albeit that isn't much, it's very surreal for me to think people around the world read my blog, thanks lovelies :)

Blouse: Bardot
Skirt: Asos
Belt: Cue
Sheer socks: Sister's
Lace up boots: Review

My camera battery died as my sister was taking these photos, so there are no close ups of the outfit, sorry guys! Alrighty, I've got to stop the procrastinating and head off now, talk to you all soon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

part of my jewellery collection.

Hi lovelies!
So the title pretty much sums up what this post is about; this is just a tiny part of my jewellery collection: some of my silver rings and a couple of my favourite necklaces.

Yup, I hang my favourite jewellery on white letter blocks.. more specifically, a letter 'A' and 'Z'. My sister bought them for me to use as bookends, symbolising the start and end of the alphabet, but it looks so much more attractive adorned with jewellery. The rest of my jewellery go in plates and bowls (will show another time), I really need a proper stand though!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


done and done. The exam was pretty hard, but I don't care anymore; IM DONE.
That's all I really had to say.
PS: Excuse the uselessness of these two posts, folks.

pre-exam stress!

This post totally deserves an exclamation mark (!) as the end point to its title.
MY MATHS EXAM IS TOMORROW. YR 12 MATHS EXAM. calculus, integration, matrices, exponentials, statistics, binomials; I think a part of me just died.
What I've realised:
I'm a silly year 11 for even thinking I could cope.
I hate maths and am not as good as I thought at it.
I would like to crawl into a hole and hibernate until summer break (which is three long yr 11-exams-filled weeks away- so close!) right now.

I've got the maths exam this week, then I've got to catch up on all my yr 11 schoolwork (since I - just as the rest of my accelerated yr 11 math class - have only focused on mathsmathsmaths for this whole term), then I've got my yr 11 exams, and finally pre-senior year seminars..blah blah blahhhhhhhhh

Enough of the procrastination/useless rant, back to work.
Will be back soon with a more optimistic/less melodramatic post!