Monday, October 4, 2010

strange and un-fashion-related post.

Oh golly me,
the weekend's gone far too quickly, and so has this much-needed break!
Hopefully there is still time to complete/continue my two-week holiday resolutions.
It's simple tasks, but
I'm trying hard to:
spend less time on the internet,
sleep earlier,
go for more walks with my puppy,
and finally, to post more and more and more.


Sometimes I like to just write,
and think about my hopes, my dreams,
the uncertainties of what is yet to come.
Life is a mysterious journey,
and I think that we forget sometimes,
how amazing it really is.
We all need to stop, just for the quickest of moments.
Because life is lived, yet somehow its beauty is forgotten,
akin to the way we never take time out to watch the sun disappear,
nor rise again,
as it has been doing so, our whole lives. 

My reason for the talk of nonsensical nothings?
Simply, the sudden urge to.
Above is in fact an extract from a journal,
my journal,
kept hidden beneath a pile of plushes and fluffy pillows on my bed.
On one hand I love fashion,
more than warm feet in the morning (and that is a lot a lot a lot!).
On the other, I'm a dreamer,
I float away, into a makebelieve sea of love and beauty,
beyond the magnificence of a pair of Miu Miu spectator pumps,
or this season's most intricate floral patterns.
I'm not all about fashion.
This is a tiny taste of what goes on inside my head.

I've never been one to type out my thoughts and dreams,
reminisces of the past,
hopes for the future, and beyond.
I much preferred a diary, but yet I find myself suddenly typing out what I felt I should keep hidden.
I felt this blog should be purely fashion-related,
posts all about:
favoured collections, inspiring photoshoots with the prettiest of models, outfits of the day, new pairs of heels..
But. It's a new day, time for a change.
Truthfully, I love to write,
albeit I'm not the most-talented writer.
Maybe sometimes, I will find myself typing about my hopes, my wishes, my daydreams,
and please bare with me, when I do.
'In order to be irreplaceable,
one must always be different.'
-Coco Chanel (I knew she was a wise soul!)

All fingers crossed for the future.
Thankyou for reading, lovelies.

fact: puppies make the craziest, coolest companions ever.

my puppy, Oreo; she really needs a shave.