Wednesday, October 6, 2010

runway inspiration.

Hello lovelies,
Today, whilst sifting through hundreds of images from Spring 2011 Paris Fashion Week, I stumbled on a new designer, one I've never heard of before, not that I know much about designers and their runway shows anyway. Still, Alexis Mabille: I wish I had your talent. Dayuuum. His Spring 2011 collection is amazing.
Mind officially blown.

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Love, love and more love. The oversized bows, addition of stripes in all the right places, perfect spring colours- beige, white, gold, navy, puffy skirts (anyone got a better name for these?), and oh, the tights make me want to dismiss my no-fish-net-stockings-EVER rule, if I could just get my hands on a pair of those. The cropped bow blouse in the fourth image, or the cute pefect-for-spring dress outfit (shoes and accessories included!) in the fifth, please make your way to my wardrobe immediately.



  1. This collection is very you! I can see why you like it, great pics, your definately bringing something new to the table, I haven't seen this before!

  2. fishnets are taken to a whole new level. love!

  3. first dress is so simple and pretty. effortless.

  4. gorgeous clothes.. <3