Saturday, October 16, 2010

my seven fashion secrets.

Hello, lovelies!
The gorgeous Kenzie of Kenzie Faith tagged me to confess my 7 fashion and style secrets, so here goes!
1. The internet, fo shiz. Lookbook, Chictopia, blogs, you name it, I've been there. I bookmark my favourite looks and sometimes when I look back, I can picture an outfit inspired but not too similar, by that certain look. That's why I adore this blogging community!
2. My sisters' wardrobes! I go through their clothes, they go through mine, and we're able to create new looks without having to buy new clothes. It's awesome, especially since my oldest sister is a shopaholic. No joke. Both my sisters are pretty stylish, too, for that matter. Maybe one day I can convince them to feature in an outfit post!
3. My inspiration wall. Whoever walks into my bedroom will notice the poster-covered wall on the right; it's filled with pictures of pretty models in dainty outfits, magazine cut-outs, words of wisdom, post-it notes, letters from friends, pretty jewels, etc, etc, etc. Oh and a picture of Chuck Bass, because I love him. Anyway, it's a lot of inspiration right at my fingertips.
4. I try to stear clear of impulse buys, items of clothing bought only because they were 'in'. I try not to buy clothes that, once the season's over, will be considered 'out of style'. If you take each piece of clothing of mine, you'll probably notice they're not trendy, they're just simple pieces I can wear for years to come and it won't matter.
5. Organisation and preparation. I'd like to say I'm both of these things, but when it comes to fashion, I'm really not (schoolwork however, is another matter). I do try to be fashion-organised, so sometimes I take certain pieces of clothing that need some more wear, bring them to the front of my wardrobe, and try to match them with new pieces. The trick is not to wear the same pieces of clothing over and over; mix-and-match. I know it can be difficult, I always seem to prefer new clothes, forgetting the old. It's a vicious cycle and habit.
6. My mum's vintage 80's - 90's wardrobe. Enough said.
7. Last one! Hmmm, as for make-up and all that jazz, well, I don't wear any. It's too much hassle and I think, from watching my sisters and mum applying make-up, it's too time consuming for a person who likes to be on the go like myself. It might be because I'm just too lazy to try make-up, but I don't know.. Maybe I'll try some red lipstick in a post, but that's as far as it'll go!

I'm passing this onto anyone who happens to read this blog post! Be sure to link it back to my page and leave me a comment, I'd really love to read your 7 fashion secrets :)
That's all for now, lovelies! I might be M.I.A for the next two weeks; school is kicking my butt, lately. I've got a year 12 exam coming up.. Why oh why did I choose to skip a grade in mathematics, of all subjects! I'm only a year 11 student, but this final year exam will be the second year 12 exam I've taken . I guess I really like to be ahead in school..(nerd)! Hahaha


  1. love the idea of having an inspiration wall!

  2. Love your blog!! Please visit or follow mine:)

  3. I love your blog! Thanks for your comment on mine. I am now following you!

    Great tips!

  4. Great fashion secrets!! I wish I had a mom who saved all her clothes.. I guess I'll just have to stick to thrift stores. Ive been working on my mood board, however, mainly right now it's in a big book of collages! First time to your blog, I'll def be back!

  5. love this 7 secrets. So cool.xx