Sunday, October 3, 2010

feels like spring, finally.

Hello, lovelies!
Today felt like spring finally! I've waited way too long (a whole month!) and spring is now here. It was a warm, perfect 25 degrees (Celsius, that is; not sure how to convert that to Fahrenheit, so sorry!), and so sunny out, I decided to go for an outfit photoshoot with my sister as photographer. Boy, I've missed sunny days.
This is just a quick post, I'm trying to post more regularly to really get this blogging business up and running, no neglection what. so. ever.

Black cuffed pants: Basque
Singlet: Witchery
Belt: Cue
Crochet Scarf: Sportsgirl
Snakeskin pumps: Tony Bianco
I am in love with these simple nude snakeskin pumps, despite the fact that it is almost impossible to walk in them. They are gorgeously crafted, and you know I'm a sucker for snakeskin! I wish I'd taken a closer shot of them to show you guys, but not to worry, I will some other sunny day!
Anywho, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night with an annual concert held by the community, for the community. Scooping jelly from a cup and eating way too many spring rolls is what I live for. yuuuuuum.
'Till next time.


  1. You look great! Love the pumps and the pants. Nice blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  2. love your blog, i follow you now, and i hope you will follow back:)

  3. I love your pants! And I totally have those shoes in purple!

    Nice taste ;)