Monday, September 27, 2010

socks and heels.

Hello, once again!
I've decided to try to post more regularly; well, more than only twice a month, haha.
I was super busy today, resulting in only one 'good' photo for this outfit post. It takes a really long time to get an acceptable photo, because I pose in awkward positions and it just never looks right!
Here goes:
Double-breasted short-sleeve coat: Golf Punk
Checkered blouse: Kenji
Short shorts: Roxy
Heels: Zoe Wittner

That's all for today,
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  1. i totally know how you feel about how difficult it is to get one good photo in the beginning.. i got a tripod which solved that for me haha.. but you'll get the hang of it! lovely outfit, i've really got to get used to doing tights with shorts and socks because it looks awesome on you :)

  2. Ei love this look! Amazing blog. Thank for commenting. I ve decided to follow you, because i like so much your style. Want you follow my blog!?

  3. Ei you are BEAUTIFUL!!! I like this look, especially the shoes ^^ I hope to see you in my blog and if you like it, we can follow each other :D

  4. Thanks for your comment in my blog, very nice ^^ I'm now your follewer, hoping to see you soon ^^

  5. Looking cute as! Love the shoes.

    I do edit them a bit yes, but this last post I went all out to make it vintagey to suit the all vintage outfit. The lighting in my room is actually pretty bad so it's always good to even things out abit. One day I'll be brave enough to get someone to take some of me outside! Keep up with the posing, took me a while to stop feeling liek a dickhead!!!


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